Friday, October 20, 2006

11 Stations Disagree With DeWine

They pulled down the false attack he and the Republican National Committee leveled against Brown in order to hide his failed record.
--WCPO ABC Cincinnati
--WLWT NBC Cincinnati
--WKRC CBS Cincinnati
--WXIX FOX Cincinnati
--WSTR WB Cincinnati
--WSYX ABC Columbus
--WTTE FOX Columbus
--WCMH NBC Columbus
--WKEF ABC Dayton
--WRGT FOX Dayton
--WEWS Cleveland

Plain Dealer
GOP refuses to pull its TV ads that call Brown a tax deadbeat
Ohio says claim is untrue: Brown campaign paid bill years ago
Thursday, October 19, 2006
Stephen Koff
Plain Dealer Bureau Chief
Washington- The Republican Party last night refused to cancel commercials that claim Sherrod Brown was a longtime tax scofflaw - even though the state of Ohio says the ad’s claim is untrue.

Brown, the Democrat running against incumbent Mike DeWine, paid the tax bill years ago, soon after receiving a tax lien, according to newly released records from the Brown campaign and authenticated by the state.

But the Republican National Committee, supporting DeWine’s reelection bid, is running commercials saying that Brown “didn’t pay his unemployment taxes for 13 years.”

DeWine ran his own commercial all day Wednesday with a DeWine family friend saying that Brown didn’t pay “an outstanding tax bill for 12 years.”

Hours after Brown campaign lawyers complained, DeWine spokesman Brian Seitchik said last night that the campaign would change its ad “as soon as possible,” but that it still would reflect the fact that Brown “failed to pay a delinquent tax bill.”

The RNC, however, said last night that it had no plans to change its ad.

The tax bill in question, for $1,776, was for unemployment taxes on the Brown campaign organization for the 1992 tax year. After the taxes weren’t paid on time, the state filed a lien in Lorain County, where the campaign was based, on Dec. 2, 1993. The Brown campaign then paid the bill within four months, according to the state.

The lien should have been released then, and the state in fact issued a lien release on April 20, 1994. But because of a mixup, no one actually filed the necessary papers with the Lorain County recorder until 2005.

Republicans looking for avenues of attack seized on the dates of the lien and the 2005 release. The RNC bought $700,000 worth of television time in Ohio, starting on Tuesday, for its ad. The DeWine campaign on Wednesday spent an undisclosed sum for its own ad on the theme.

Brown’s campaign demanded throughout the afternoon and evening Wednesday that the RNC and DeWine cancel their commercials.

“The ads are false,” said Marc Elias, a Washington-based attorney for Brown’s Senate
campaign. “They are not close to being true.”

Toledo Blade
DeWine’s attack ad found to be incorrect
On the eve of a Toledo debate with his Democratic challenger, Republican U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine was forced yesterday to correct another attack ad for accuracy.

State officials said yesterday that Mr. Brown’s congressional campaign settled a delinquent unemployment tax bill in 1994, four months after it was filed. The revelation contradicted an ad Mr. DeWine launched hours earlier, in which an elderly woman tells Mr. Brown “I just don’t trust you” because “you didn’t pay your outstanding tax bill for 12 years.”

The Republican National Committee aired a similar spot this week, which accused Mr. Brown of not paying unemployment taxes for 13 years.

Democrats accused Mr. DeWine and the RNC of lying and threatened lawsuits to boot the ad off television.

“The DeWine campaign and the Republican Party must immediately pull down yet another advertisement that deceived voters with an attack we proved to be false,” Brown spokesman Joanna Kuebler said. “Senator DeWine should apologize for deceiving Ohioans in a last-ditch attempt to save his career.”

In July, Mr. DeWine revised an ad attacking Mr. Brown on national security, after U.S. News & World Report magazine discovered the ad featured a doctored image of the burning World Trade Center in New York.

Yesterday, the senator said he did not know whether he would recall the tax bill ad. “We’ll have to find out what the facts are,” he said. Later, a spokesman admitted the campaign will revise the ad to reflect “the facts.”

The DeWine campaign said in July that the Trade Center ad would be the first in a hard-hitting series. It wasn’t. After being forced to switch the image of the twin towers, Mr. DeWine’s next ads were more likely to feature him talking to the camera and criticizing Mr. Brown’s record on issues such as taxes.

A batch of public polls this week showed Mr. Brown opening a double-digit lead in a race that had been a dead heat. Denying published reports that it was shifting money from Mr. DeWine to other candidates, the RNC unveiled the ad alleging a “scandal” in Mr. Brown’s unpaid unemployment taxes and produced documents suggesting his 1993 tax lien went unaddressed until 2005.

The Brown campaign produced a record yesterday, verified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, showing the nearly $1,800 bill was paid in full - and the lien released - in April, 1994, four months after it was filed.
Stations Pull Ad Claiming Sherrod Brown Didn’t Pay Tax Bill
Ad Sponsored By RNC Said To Be Inaccurate

TV stations across the state, including WEWS, are no longer airing the ad sponsored by the Republican National Committee. At question is the accuracy of one of the key claims in the ad against Brown.

The RNC ad attacks Brown for what it says is a failure to pay an unemployment tax bill from 1993.

The ad is based on documents that show a lien was placed on an unpaid tax bill in 1993.

The Brown camp produced documents showing that the bill was paid four months later, but because of a clerical error, the lien wasn’t lifted until last year.

The end result was that there was no 13-year delinquent tax bill, which is why many stations are no longer airing the ad.

“This is not a place where we can go legally or should go, but in this situation, since the ad was placed not by a candidate, not by Mr. DeWine but by the Republican Senate Committee, we thought it would probably be the best thing to do to encourage the ad be corrected,” said WEWS general manager John Butte.

Stations drop GOP ad against Brown; DeWine ad altered
By DAVID HAMMER, The Associated Press
WASHINGTON - Several Ohio television stations have stopped airing a Republican ad because state documents contradict the ad’s accusation that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Sherrod Brown didn’t pay an unemployment tax bill for 13 years.

A similar ad by Brown’s GOP opponent, Sen. Mike DeWine, has been changed to remove a reference to how long Brown’s tax bill was delinquent, DeWine spokesman Brian Seitchik said.

Cincinnati television stations WKRC, WCPO and WXIX said they stopped running the national Republican ad. The $726,597 ad was meant to help DeWine in the final weeks of his race against Brown, a northeast Ohio congressman who had been expanding his lead in recent polls in a district crucial to the Nov. 7 election fight over control of the Senate.

The Republican National Committee “has not been able to verify the information so we pulled it off pending getting appropriate documentation to that effect,” said WCPO General Manager Bill Fee. WKRC said it had been advised by its lawyers that the ad, which aired Wednesday, was inaccurate.

The RNC sent a letter to Ohio stations Thursday standing by the ad.

The Brown campaign had produced an Ohio Bureau of Employment Services document showing that the state placed a claim on the tax bill on Dec. 20, 1993, and released its claim four months later when the bill was paid in full. Brown spokeswoman Joanna Kuebler said Brown discovered last year that the claim of more than $1,700 was still listed as active.

The DeWine campaign had to alter a previous ad when it was discovered that it contained doctored images of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.


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