Friday, October 20, 2006


This is it. 19 days.

19 days to decide who represents you in Congress.

19 days to decide who controls the US House.

Jean Schmidt and the Republican Party are attacking Vic Wulsin on television and in the mail.

Do you want us to fight back?

Vic has powerful TV, radio, and direct mail ads, and we need to make sure that everyone in the district gets them. The DCCC has gotten on board. EMILY’s List has gotten on board. The unions have gotten on board.

We need you to do your part. Help Vic fight back.

Click here to help put ads on the air and make sure everyone sees the clear difference between Jean Schmidt and Victoria Wulsin.



This race is neck and neck. People-power will decide the outcome of this campaign. Can you commit to volunteering 5 hours each week until election day?
--Click here to come out to the Bengals game this Sunday at 11 p.m. to wave signs, shake hands, and get Vic’s name recognition up. Or meet at our office at 10:30 and we’ll head down to the stadium together.
--Click here if you want to go door-to-door in your own precinct. We’ll print out a list of undecided voters in your very own neighborhood, and you can help convince them to vote for Vic. Voter-to-voter contact like this is the most persuasive type of campaigning.
--Can you take all or half of election day off to help get out the vote? Click here to sign up for a morning or afternoon shift (or both!) and we’ll make sure your time is well spent pulling Wulsin, Strickland, and Brown supporters out to the polls.
--Come by our office this Saturday at 12:30 to canvass. We’ll knock on the doors of undecided voters and tell them why they should vote for change! RSVP here.



C-SPAN loved our Saturday rally with veterans and Congressman Murtha so much that they’re going to air the whole thing on national TV!

You can watch it this Sunday on C-SPAN at 6:30pm/9:30pm/12:30am ET


19 days left.

19 days to help determine the future of our country.

It’s time to step up.

As always, thanks for your support. We hope to see you very soon.

Ady Barkan
Communications Director
Dr. Victoria Wulsin for Congress

Avoid the lines, hassles, and any other potential problems on election day by voting early. You can order an absentee ballot right now by visiting this web page, printing out the form, and mailing it in to your local Board of Elections (click here for list of B.O.E. mailing addresses):

And remember, according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, “Any qualified Ohio voter may request an absentee ballot without stating a reason.” Even if you’re going to be around on election day, this is an easy way to make sure your vote gets counted NOW.


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