Thursday, October 26, 2006

Campaign update from Marilyn Brown

Election Day is fast approaching… less than two weeks to go. We know that my race against the long-time incumbent is close and highly competitive. I have worked hard every day and throughout the county to reach voters and build support. We cannot let up now!

The effort we all make to Get Out The Vote will be critically important… for me and for all of our candidates. We need your help now and in the few remaining days to ensure that every voter gets out to vote.

Please forward this email message to everyone you know… to family, friends, co-workers, and to everyone in your addressbook… remind them of the importance of voting this year. Together, we can Turn Ohio Around!

Volunteer help remains essential to my campaign. Every day from now through Tuesday, November 7, we need volunteers to make phone calls and to canvass neighborhoods. We also need every volunteer we can get to help on Election Day. For information on how you can help, please contact Laura Stehle, my campaign manager at 614.224.1193 ext. 121 or by email to

Please consider contributing to my campaign today! We will be on television and radio soon. Print advertising has already started. These efforts cost money. I wish I could run this campaign without the need to ask for your contributions, but campaign funds are essential to win.

Please contribute online at, or send your non-corporate check to Friends of Marilyn Brown, 34 West Poplar Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43215.

I encourage you to vote early. Contact your local board of elections for information. If you live in Franklin County, I respectfully request your vote. If you live out of the county, you may know people in the Columbus area. Please email or call them to ask them to support me. Please refer them to my website,, for more information about me.

I appreciate the support, friendship, and encouragement many of you have provided throughout the campaign. Thank you!

Marilyn Brown

For Franklin County Commissioner


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