Monday, October 30, 2006

Candidates Space and Strickland Campaign in Ohio’s 18th District

NEW PHILADELPHIA -- Today, Congressional candidate for Ohio’s 18th district Zack Space, and Gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland made campaign stops in Athens, Vinton and Hocking counties to meet with voters and discuss the need for change and new priorities that would benefit Ohio families.

The three campaign stops included The Nelsonville Dew House in Athens County, The Democratic Party Headquarters in Vinton County, and the Rockbridge Flea Market in Hocking County.

According to Space, “Ted and I believe that Ohio needs a change of direction and new leadership that is focused on Ohio’s hard working families who have been neglected for too long. When I go to Congress, I’m committed to putting the people, not powerful special interests first.”

Representative and Gubernatorial candidate Strickland replied, “As long as I’ve known Zack, I’ve known him to be a man of hometown values, committed to helping the people of his community. We need new leadership like Zack Space in Congress to move our country in the right direction. It time to turnaround Ohio and bring desperately needed change to the people of Ohio’s 18th district.”


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