Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dann calls on Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to release internal audit

Political Favors Helped Reduce Some Employer’s Rates

Toledo - State Senator Marc Dann, the Democratic nominee for Ohio Attorney General, today publically called on the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Director William Mabe to release an internal audit which allegedly shows that some employer’s BWC rates and assessments were reduced after complaining to their state legislators about the high premiums they were paying. Senator Dann, who first asked for this audit to be released at the beginning of October, spoke directly to Director Mabe today and again asked for the release of the audit.

“Once again, the public records law in Ohio is being ignored,” said Senator Dann. “The allegations of impropriety in the BWC are serious and deserve a closer look. By not releasing the audit, it begins to appear as just another cover-up. I have asked Director Mabe to reconsider his decision and release the audit to me by Friday.”

On October 4, 2006 Senator Dann requested by letter all the documents related to the audit on premium rates and assessments paid by public and private employers as part of Ohio’s public records law. Keith Elliot reportedly completed the internal audit requested by Dann. Elliot, an internal Auditor within the BWC, recently testified in the Noe ‘Coingate’ trial as a witness for the prosecution and is credited for raising questions within the BWC about their investment in rare coins.

“Today I stand at the Lucas County Courthouse, where ‘Coingate’ mastermind Tom Noe is on trial for stealing millions of dollars from Ohio’s injured workers and ask for the BWC to do what’s right,” Senator Dann said. “Once again the BWC has the chance to allow the bright light of public scrutiny to shine upon their work. They should release the audit immediately and implement recommendations that level the playing field of premiums for all businesses in this state.”


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