Sunday, October 22, 2006


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Dayton Daily News endorsed Victoria Wulsin for Congress today, calling Wulsin "an enthusiastic, energetic, atypically selfless representative." Wulsin's campaign has caught fire in recent weeks as voters seek out a moderate, viable alternative to Jean Schmidt.

According to the Daily News, Wulsin "brings something special to Washington: her knowledge of health issues, her familiarity with the wider world and her dedication to good causes."

The Daily News is the major news paper for voters in the northern part of the 2nd Congressional District, which includes Warren County up to Lebanon, OH. The endorsement can be viewed at:

"I'm honored by their endorsement," said Wulsin today. "In Congress, it will be my job to represent our entire district – Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike."

"She has an agreeable, personable manner that suits her to this new professional direction and would help her in making the case that differences between the parties on hot-button social issues are often exaggerated," said the endorsement.

The paper cited Wulsin's ability to appeal to the entire district: "My values are conservative," she says. "I support marriage; the family; education of our children; health care; a reduction in the number of abortions; the right to privacy and keeping government out of our private lives; a fiscally conservative, balanced budget based on pay-as-you-go principles; investment in jobs at home; energy independence; and full defense of the U.S. Constitution."

The Daily News endorsement comes on the heels of other good news for the campaign, including a passionate endorsement from Congressman John Murtha, who Schmidt famously called a coward on the floor of the House, and increased national support from the Democratic Party, labor organizations, and women's rights groups.


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