Friday, October 20, 2006


TV Stations Across Ohio Pull Down the Dishonest Ads

AMHERST, OH – Sinking further into a campaign of slime in their hour of desperation, Ohio Republican incumbent Senator Mike DeWine and the Republican National Committee continued lying to Ohio voters today with attack ads that DeWine’s opponent Congressman Sherrod Brown (D-OH) proved to be false.

Despite being presented with documentation disproving the accuracy of their attack ads, both DeWine and the RNC continued running ads lying about Brown’s record on paying taxes.

“Senator DeWine is knowingly lying to Ohio voters to try and save his job,” said Brown spokesperson Joanna Kuebler. “He sunk to a new low in desperation today. Senator DeWine has just panicked.”

Brown continues his double-digit lead against DeWine in the polls and recent news articles suggest Republican leadership is losing faith in DeWine’s ability to win and are forcing DeWine to engage in gutter-style politics to secure their financial support. Once again, DeWine is happy to do whatever they ask of him.

In response to viewer calls, and a letter sent to stations by the Brown campaign demanding the dishonest ads come down, stations in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Youngstown pulled down ads earlier this morning, with more stations expected to follow suit across the state.

“Ohio families want change,” Kuebler said. “They want strong leadership they can trust to stand up for them on job creation, tuition costs, and education. All Senator DeWine has accomplished by his shameful display is to reinforce why Ohio voters reject his message, and question his character. ”

The DeWine campaign already pulled down one advertisement when it was found that they had doctored footage of the burning Twin Towers. This week, the Army found that another DeWine ad “is counter to Defense Department directives and army policy” because it features a soldier in uniform [Stars and Stripes 10/17/06]. DeWine previously accused Senator John Glenn, who served honorably in Korea, of being a Communist sympathizer. The DeWine campaign hired the same firm that created the Swift Boat attack ads against Senator Kerry in 2004 to produce its advertising.

“The hypocrisy of Senator DeWine’s latest campaign tactic is not lost on anyone,” Kuebler said.

“Remember the House banking scandal, when House members were writing overdrafts with impunity? Try that with your bank sometime. Actually, don't. Anyway, DeWine was in the House then. If you can count to 31, you can count his number of overdrafts, on checks totaling more than $13,000, according to press accounts at the time.” [Plain Dealer, 10/19/06]

DeWine Didn’t Disclose His Bounced Checks Until He Ran Against Glenn; Disclosure Was Eminent. “And, in a preview of the impact the House Bank controversy is likely to have during the coming political season, ex-Rep. Michael DeWine, R-Ohio -- who served for eight years in the House before becoming Ohio's lieutenant governor -- Friday disclosed that he had bounced 14 checks at the House Bank totaling $4,800 between 1987 and 1990.” At the time, negotiations were ongoing for full disclosure of the check-bouncers; April they were released by the Ethics Committee. [National Journal's CongressDaily, 3/9/92]

White House Said They Should Be Reported. “At the White House, Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater indicated President Bush believes the House should disclose the names of all members found to have irregularities in their dealings with the now-closed House Bank. ‘It only seems fair and reasonable that they would all be reported,’ Fitzwater said. ‘We have to assume that the Congress would look into this openly and fairly, and that would include disclosure.’” [National Journal's CongressDaily, 3/9/92]


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