Saturday, October 28, 2006

DeWine Thinks Senate Is No Place To Make Mistakes?


"The U.S. Senate is not a place for people who make a mistake," Senator Mike DeWine [Plain Dealer 10/25/06]


DeWine Thinks It’s OK For Rumsfeld to Bungle Two Wars?
SEN. DeWINE: “I’ve already said, Tim, I don’t have confidence in Rumsfeld. He’s made major mistakes in this war. There’s absolutely no doubt about it.” [Meet the Press, 10/1/06]

In his interview with Salon’s Walter Shapiro, DeWine stated that “Rumsfeld has made some very serious mistakes....Very serious mistakes. I think history will judge him very harshly.” He followed that with, “[c]learly not enough troops going in [to Iraq]. That was the biggest mistake. And a lot of mistakes would be covered under that.” [Salon, 4/24/06]

Did DeWine Mistakenly Sleep Through Iran-Contra Hearings?
“One member of the troupe who perhaps should not have appeared so noticeable is Rep. Michael DeWine (R., Ohio), who on several occasions clearly could be seen dozing off, much to the delight of photographers.” [Chicago Tribune 6/22/87]

“...spotters at the hearings noted that what looked really bad wasn’t all that smoking, but the way Rep. Michael DeWine (R.,Ohio) kept nodding off during even the most riveting testimony.” [Chicago Tribune 7/16/87]

“‘Dozer DeWine’ The Washington Post called him. The Chicago Tribune noted that he even slept during the most compelling testimony. A Dayton Daily News editorial quipped that DeWine managed to stand out among his publicity-seeking peers ‘without lifting a finger, or for that matter, his head.’” [Dayton Daily News 10/9/94]

DeWine Himself Claimed He Made “Mistakes”
“The 30-second ad features an earnest-looking DeWine seated on his front porch in Cedarville. He is wearing blue jeans and a plaid shirt. He concedes that he’s ‘made some mistakes,’ but calls Hyatt’s commercials ‘precisely the old-style politics he claims to be against.’ “So when you hear the negatives,” DeWine says, “remember -- they say a lot more about Joel Hyatt than about Mike DeWine.”
Dayton Daily News (Ohio) October 12, 1994

Was Bouncing 31 Checks to the House Bank a Mistake?
“Remember the House banking scandal, when House members were writing overdrafts with impunity? Try that with your bank sometime. Actually, don’t. Anyway, DeWine was in the House then. If you can count to 31, you can count his number of overdrafts, on checks totaling more than $13,000, according to press accounts at the time.” [Plain Dealer 10/19/06]

DeWine Wrote 31 Bad Checks.
“Former Rep. Mike DeWine, R, says he had 31 overdrafts on checks totaling $13,195 in his eight years as a representative.” [AP, 4/15/1992]

DeWine Didn’t Disclose His Bounced Checks Until He Ran Against Glenn; Disclosure Was Imminent.
“And, in a preview of the impact the House Bank controversy is likely to have during the coming political season, ex-Rep. Michael DeWine, R-Ohio -- who served for eight years in the House before becoming Ohio’s lieutenant governor -- Friday disclosed that he had bounced 14 checks at the House Bank totaling $4,800 between 1987 and 1990.” At the time, negotiations were ongoing for full disclosure of the check-bouncers; April they were released by the Ethics Committee. [National Journal’s CongressDaily, 3/9/92]


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