Thursday, October 26, 2006

Does Mike DeWine Agree with President Bush’s Latest Assessment of the War in Iraq?

CLEVELAND – U.S. Congressman Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today released the following statement calling on Senator DeWine (R-OH) to explain whether he agrees with the President’s latest assessment of the war in Iraq:

“After one of the deadliest months for American troops in Iraq, a month where some of the most respected Republicans, from Colin Powell to James Baker, are saying we need a change in course, President Bush today said that we are winning the war in Iraq. Senator DeWine has long supported President Bush and his stay-the-course strategy in Iraq. If Mike DeWine agrees with the President that we’re winning the war in Iraq, then he has an obligation to explain to the people of Ohio how long he thinks our troops need to be there, and what needs to happen for them to come home. There is a clear need for the United States to change course in Iraq, and I have called time and again for President Bush to work with military leaders to develop a winning exit strategy.”

At his press conference today, the President said, “We’re winning and we will win, unless we leave before the job is done.”

Sherrod Brown has consistently opposed the war in Iraq.


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