Monday, October 30, 2006


Schmidt’s name mistakenly placed in headline

Cincinnati, OH -- In a resounding affirmation of Dr. Victoria Wulsin’s candidacy for US Congress, the Cincinnati Enquirer released its endorsement for Ohio’s 2nd District today. The article began with an analysis of Schmidt’s history of embarrassments including her infamous “coward” speech and her recent brush with plagiarism. “Let’s face it,” read the article, “Schmidt has had a tendency to step in it.”

The article went on to criticize Schmidt’s policy experience, calling her opinions “distressingly simplistic on topics such as North Korea...she should develop a more nuanced, sophisticated approach on issues, especially international policy” and should “cut out the sloganeering nonsense.”

After noting that she was not a career politician and not a part of the wildly unpopular current Congress, the Enquirer’s endorsement praised Wulsin as “an esteemed expert in public health and epidemiology who has done noble work in the fight against AIDS.... She has considerable experience in the public sector on health issues, and can have an engaging personal style.” The endorsement noted that Wulsin would have major impact if elected: “She’s smart, hard-working and could aid the health-care debate in Washington,” it continued.

“We’re thrilled by the article,” said Wulsin campaign manager Mary Huttlinger. “The Enquirer’s endorsement speaks eloquently to Vic’s strengths and Jean Schmidt’s weaknesses.”

Inexplicably, the article’s headline read “Enquirer endorses Schmidt,” and several of the article’s passages seemed to imply that, despite Schmidt’s gaffs and Wulsin’s qualifications, the Enquirer’s editorial board supported the unpopular encumbent. “It is a very, very close call,” read the article. “We’d like to thank the Enquirer for all the nice things they’ve said about Vic,” said Wulsin.


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