Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jones Confirms Reputation... Nasty, Negative and FALSE.

Franklin, Ohio - Ever heard the saying about people who protest too much? A day after being lectured by the Cincinnati Enquirer for engaging in campaign rhetoric telling voters to "be afraid," and being told by the Enquirer editorial board that such tactics are "wrong," Shannon Jones sent out another attack mailer accusing Jeff of running a negative campaign.

What's that again? Jeff is running the negative campaign?

Look at Jeff's website -- anything negative about Jones? NO. Look at the thousands of postcards handwritten by Jeff's supporters -- anything negative about Jones? NO. Look at Jeff's mailer to Sportsmen -- anything negative about Jones? NO. How about Jeff's mailers to be sent out this week featuring an endorsement by John Glenn -- anything negative about Jones? NO.

In fact, not one of Jeff's various campaign materials even mentions his opponent, except for one web page devoted to responding to Jones' negative personal attacks.

Instead of talking about the issues that matter most to Warren County voters, Jones has resorted to mudslinging, name-calling and truth-stretching. It's a tactic that Ohioans are increasingly seeing from the incumbent party this fall, with Jones' mentor Ken Blackwell actually being UNENDORSED by newspapers for his nasty attacks, and Jones' old boss Mike Dewine having his false TV ad pulled by stations (remember that it was Jones' old boss Dewine who actually had the nerve to call John Glenn "soft on communism").

"It's sad that my opponent believes she has to sink this low to win votes in Warren County...it certainly says a lot about her and what her true character and values are," Jeff Ruppert responded upon seeing the latest Jones attack piece. "I believe that Warren County voters deserve better...above all, they deserve to be told the truth." "The truth is I haven't engaged in a single attack upon my opponent, and will not do so all the way up to Election Day." "I will talk about what has happened to Ohio after 16 years of one-party rule, and lay out my plan for getting Ohio back on track." "I follow the old ''Give 'Em Hell' Harry Truman tactic ...I only speak the truth and my opponents think it is Hell!"

"There is also a second truth to this campaign," Ruppert said. "Win or lose, I will leave this election with both my reputation and dignity intact."


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