Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Justice O'Donnell "hiding From the public to avoid the numbers"

Judge William O'Neill today accused Justice Terrence Odonnell of "hiding from the public because he is tired of explaining the numbers". Speaking at the City Club Forum today, Judge O'Neill openly criticized his opponent for "refusing to be seen in public because he is tired of explaining the numbers that haunt him." The New York Times reported that contributors to O'Donnell's campaign who appear before him in court have a 91% success rate, "and quite frankly, Terry is tired of trying to explain that number away." Judge O'Neill explained.

O'Donell refused to appear before the historic City Club audience, and O'Neill wasted no time in explaining his opponent's absence. "He is tired of the numbers," O'Neill explained. "He is tired of trying to explain the 91% batting average his contributors have racked up at the Supreme Court; and he is tired of explaining how you raise $3-million in three campaigns and continue to sit on your contributors' cases."

O'Neill has been endorsed for the Supreme Court by nearly every newspaper in Ohio (Plain Dealer, Beacon Journal, Dayton Daily News) "because the editors looked at the numbers and they were dismayed" the Judge explained. In closing his remarks to the City Club, Judge O'Neill declared "It is outrageous that a sitting Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court would hide from the public behind a million dollar television campaign. I am proud to stand at the podium that has been shared by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. To do otherwise would be to hide from the public, and that is wrong."

Judge O'Neill is in his second term on the 11th District Court of Appeals in Warren, and has pledged to take "No Money From No One." O'Neill is the Democratic nominee for the Court term commencing 1/1/07.


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