Thursday, October 26, 2006

Letter from Marian Harris

First, I want to thank Chas and Kari Wetherbee for a wonderful houseparty -- and delightful campaign interlude! The music by Carpe Diem was sublime, the food yummy, the guests interesting and interested... all in all a wonderful evening. Thank you Chas and Kari!

Newspaper endorsements are out and I’m proud to have received the endorsement of the Suburban News Publications (SNP). They are advocating, as I am, the need for CHANGE in the Statehouse. Here’s a link to their editorial page and all their endorsements: It’s worth taking the time to read. They’ve also done a series of articles on various topics comparing my views with my opponents -- check out the media section of my web site.

While I did not receive the endorsement of the Columbus Dispatch they did say the following:.”.. Democratic opponent, Marian Harris, is a veteran worker on a number of political campaigns. She’s running because she’s tired of one-party rule in Ohio. She’s well-spoken and sincere but lacks Flower’s experience.” I guess working as a staff assistant for constituent affairs for Senator Metzenabuam, working as Chief of the Bureau of Family Support for the Dept. of MRDD and being involved with human service issues for over 30 years doesn’t count as experience whereas being a fire chief does! Oh well, I am fortunate to have an opponent who is a nice guy and who has promised to run a positive campaign as will I.

The last weeks have been candidate forums, lit drops -- and door to door. Door to door will be the focus over the remaining days. Please help out by talking to friends and neighbors in the 19th HD. We still have a few yard sisgns available and can always use help with lit drops -- and if you’re willing to go door to door and talk on my behalf, please let me know!

Thanks to all of you for your support, your involvement, your contributions and your faith in me.

Marian Harris


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