Saturday, October 28, 2006

Letter from Mark Dansack

Mark Wagoner: Fiscal conservative or reckless spender?

Citizens of District 46
“The pre-general campaign finance reports are due today and I think they are worth a comment or two. Do we want or need to have all this money influencing our election campaigns? Should we look toward some sort of campaign finance reform to stop the madness which our elections have become? I think we need to seriously consider changing a system which is tilted so severely toward incumbent office-holders and leaves them in debt to their huge corporate contributors at the expense of ordinary hard working citizens in our state.”

Mark Wagoner’s reports
Mark Dansack’s reports

“It’s quite ironic that the self-described fiscal conservative, Mr. Wagoner, lists expenditures of $146,022.15 in his pre-general finance report campaigning for a seat that pays somewhere around $50,000 trying with all his might to dispatch a political newcomer such as myself, considering my report shows expenditures of $6,320.43 over the same period.”

“I’m not sure District 46 residents will benefit from such a reckless spending pattern should Mr. Wagoner return to Columbus for an additional two years. I encourage residents of District 46 to investigate this link to Mark Wagoner’s contributions and take a look at mine as well to determine for yourself whether you want a state representative who is indebted to huge contributors and lobbyists for the next two years or a state representative whose only concern is to be a representative for the people of District 46.”

“Take a look and compare. The choice is simple. You can choose a candidate who accepts large donations from numerous special interest groups, and lobbyists representing huge banking, health care, energy, and manufacturing entities; or you can choose a citizen candidate whose only concern will be to help clean up the mess down in Columbus, turn our state government back to the people of Ohio, and get to work on some of the problems that have been ignored over the past decade.”

“Citizens of District 46 should ask Mr. Wagoner how he can accept $500 from RJ Reynolds PAC when he “supports” issue 5. Consider his statements that he is a watchdog for energy prices in Northwest Ohio and contrast that with the $3,000 contribution he accepted from the First Energy PAC.”

“We deserve to know who our representatives will be working for in the next two years. Let’s take it back for all Ohioans. They’ve had their turn, now it’s our turn. Send the power brokers in Columbus a message that our state cannot be bought and paid for.”

Mr. Dansack is married to Heather and they live in Monclova Township with their daughters Caitlin and Sophia. Dansack is a legal aide with Gallon, Takacs, Boissoneault & Schaffer in their Workers Compensation Department. He previously spent 18 years working with General Mills, Inc. in Toledo.


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