Monday, October 30, 2006

Marian Harris: Countdown to Election Day!

A week from tomorrow! WOW! I want to share a radio interview I did for Sunny 95 -- it aired at 6:15 in the morning on Saturday so I doubt very many of you heard it.

But check it out and let me know what you think.

Most of my time is spent walking and talking -- thank you to the folks who have been and are continuing to do lit drops, phoning and mailings for me.

Phone callers -- from your own home -- GOTV -- call folks and encourage them to get out and vote for Marian Harris and the whole Democratic ticket

Canvassers -- the same as above but walking and talking door to door.

Election Day -- hand out lit outside of polling places.

I know many of you are involved in other campaigns. I know the massive GOTV campaign that is being organized by the Coordinated Campaiagn. Unfortunately, there are not that many precincts in my District that are targeted by the Coordinated Campaign so we’re pretty much on our own. SO, PLEASE consider helping me -- we can pass other campaign lit along with mine.

Sign up with Misha at or with me and THANK YOU for all you’ve done and all you will do to restore balance to our Legislature.


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