Monday, October 30, 2006


COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, Mary Jo Kilroy, Franklin County commissioner and Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress from Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, blasted the Pryce campaign for their most recent manipulative, negative campaign advertisement.

“As a former judge and current member of Congress, Deborah Pryce should know that law enforcement agents can conduct warrantless surveillance as long as they seek a warrant within 72 hours through the court system established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. That is the current law on the books, and that is the position I have supported throughout this campaign,” Kilroy said. “Pryce’s fear-and-smear tactics are dishonest and display a lack of Pryce’s knowledge of the law.”

In her latest attack ad, Pryce cites an August 11, 2006 Washington Post article that said “Plot to Bomb U.S. -- Bound Jets Is Foiled,” which is a story about the foiled London bombing plot. In that investigation, FISA warrants, the warrant process Kilroy supports, were used successfully. Ironically, Pryce is using that situation to attack Kilroy.

“Deborah Pryce and the Republicans in Congress continue to distort my record, and this is just another example of how desperate they are in the waning days of this campaign,” Kilroy said. “As a member of Congress I will work to implement all the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission and increase security at our ports. The Bush Congress has failed our nation on homeland security and failed to hold the Bush Administration accountable for the conduct of a war that has made our nation less secure. It’s time to reject negative campaign commercials, it’s time for new priorities to set the agenda in Washington and it’s time for a change in the leadership of Congress.”


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