Thursday, October 26, 2006

Newsweek on Ohio Senate Race: Mike DeWine Down, On His Way Out

CLEVELAND -- The latest issue of Newsweek Magazine explains with one arrow what folks in Ohio have known for months -- Mike DeWine is going down.

"After years of siding with special interests in Washington while health care costs, unemployment rates, and casualties in Iraq have all gone up, it's hardly a surprise to see Newsweek predict that Mike DeWine is going down," said Brown Press Secretary Ben LaBolt. "Newsweek confirmed what Ohio families have long known -- that Mike DeWine is a Bush rubber stamp who will always side with the special interests over the middle-class families of this state. That's why Sherrod Brown will win this November and lead Ohio in the right direction."

In its October 30th issue, Newsweek wrote: "Ohio sen. one of many Bushie GOPs now claiming to be independent thinkers. Not gonna wash." Each week, Newsweek publishes a "Conventional Wisdom" section that reflects the views of today's leading political experts.


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