Friday, October 20, 2006


Party mailings hide Schmidt's weak record on stopping illegal immigration

Cincinnati, OH – The national Republican party continued its barrage of negative mailings against Dr. Victoria Wulsin, sending out its fifth piece today, this one attacking Wulsin on immigration policy.

"Jean Schmidt is weak on illegal immigration. In fact, she repeatedly voted against securing our border," said Wulsin in response. "When I get to Congress, I'll vote to implement the national border security recommendations of the bi-partisan 9/11 Commission. Jean Schmidt's votes make our families us less safe and let more illegal immigrants into the country." Because of Congress's failure to secure the border, approximately 2000 illegal immigrants cross into the United States every day.

Wulsin has repeatedly said she supports securing the border and clamping down on employers who hire illegals before enacting any other legislation. In 2003, the Bush Administration only prosecuted 4 companies for hiring illegal immigrants.

Ironically, the RNCC has spent over $100,000 smearing Wulsin for supporting "a road to eventual legal citizenship," the exact policy that Republican President George Bush has advocated.

Jean Schmidt, in a taxpayer-funded email from July 7, said that she believes that "The average illegal immigrant in the United States is a…law abiding person."

"Illegal immigrants are in this country illegally and just by being here, they break the law every day," said Mary Huttlinger, Wulsin's campaign manager. "Schmidt's confusion on this point is highly disturbing."

Schmidt has repeatedly voted against implementing the 9/11 Commission's border security recommendations, including her vote last December against hiring more border agents, against ending the ridiculous "catch-and-release" practice, and against incorporating state-of-the-art surveillance technology (HR 4437, 12/16/2005).


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