Thursday, October 26, 2006


Students, Parents, Seniors Express Support
AMHERST, OH -- The Sherrod Brown for Senate campaign today announced the endorsement of voters across Ohio who are calling for new leadership in Congress. A new web feature at allows average Ohioans to record messages outlining their reasons for supporting Sherrod Brown. On the site, farmers, veterans, parents, and others discuss Brown’s support for middle class families, his plans to return jobs to Ohio, and his call for a winning exit strategy from Iraq.

The endorsements can be heard here:

Ohioans are encouraged to record their own endorsements. New endorsements can be recorded here:

Excerpts from some of the audio endorsements are below:

Jack Underwood, Elyria OH (Lorain) “I feel absolutely indebted to Sherrod Brown and I feel that Sherrod Brown is the best person for the job because Sherrod Brown helps people. Without his help my son would have never received the funding that made his quality of life that much better. That’s why I know that Sherrod Brown is the best candidate for Senator.”

Nancy Barton, Loveland OH (Clermont) “I like Sherrod Brown and I’ll be voting for Sherrod Brown because he’s a strong advocate for the young people of Ohio in education and in helping make higher education a reality for our young people.”

Jeff Leis, Springboro OH (Warren) “My feelings about Sherrod is that I consider him to be an honest individual who takes the time to study every piece of legislation before he makes a decision on how he’s going to vote. I find that to be highly respectful and unusual in today’s political environment.”


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