Monday, October 30, 2006


COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, Mary Jo Kilroy, Franklin County commissioner and Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress from the 15th Congressional District, criticized her opponent for her unrealistic assessment of Ohio’s economy.

“Deborah Pryce continues to tout an economy that simply does not exist for the vast majority of Central Ohioans. That’s a disservice to this community. Ignoring the economic challenges we face in Ohio, Pryce truly demonstrates her disconnect from this district,” Kilroy said.

In June, Pryce told the LA Times, “‘What’s not to like about this economy? Virtually everywhere you look, you see good news.’” Additionally, Pryce continues to refer to central Ohio’s economy as “text book perfect.” She went so far as to say “story book economy” in the October 12th debate at the Fawcett Center. [ LA Times, 6/2/06]

One thing not to like about the economy in the 15th Congressional District is the spike in unemployment over the last five years. The Associated Press reported, “GOP Rep. Deborah Pryce’s suburban Columbus district is relatively affluent but suffered one of the worst jumps in unemployment in the country from 2000 to 2005 -- from 3.7 percent to 6.6 percent. ‘Incomes fell in Columbus and in Upper Arlington, a high-income suburb,’ said George Zeller, an economist who did an analysis for Cleveland’s Center for Community Research.” [Associated Press , 10/27/06]

Pryce lives in Upper Arlington.

“You can’t fix a problem if you refuse to acknowledge the problem, and Pryce is far too consumed with pushing the White House economic talking points than fixing the economic situations in our community,” Kilroy said. “Pryce and the Bush Congress created the largest deficit in American history, and that is a drag on our economy. The high cost of health care is a drain on large and small businesses, and too costly for Ohio families. Our economy needs middle class tax relief that includes tax benefits for people buying a new home and taking care of elderly parents and tax breaks for parents sending their children to college.

“Pryce is not a leader on economic development in Central Ohio, and she is too out of touch with our community and our economic needs,” Kilroy said. “We need new priorities and an independent voice fighting for our community in Congress. It’s time for change.”


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