Friday, October 20, 2006

RNC Refuses to Pull 'Inaccurate' TV Ad, Ohioans Take Action

Mike DeWine's campaign is in trouble with voters, because he's voted for trade deals that have sent Ohio jobs overseas.

After learning that he is down 7 to 14 points in the latest statewide polls, DeWine and his Republicans allies have become desperate.

They are so desperate that the Republican National Committee refuses to pulls its ads that the State of Ohio says is "false."

Ohioans read the news are were outraged. Under viewer pressure, stations across Ohio have pulled the ad.

But some stations across the state continue to run the ad.

The Toled Blade wrote this morning, "DeWine’s attack ad found to be incorrect."

The Plain Dealer reported today, "Jon Allen, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, the successor agency to the employment bureau, said the claims suggesting Brown didn't pay the tax bill for 12 or 13 years are false."

We want to thank you for your support by standing up to this vicious brand of gutter-style politics.

We would also like to commend all the television stations that acted responsibly by pulling this false ad.

John W. Ryan
Campaign Manager


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