Monday, October 30, 2006


Cite the life-saving potential of embryonic stem cell research for millions

COLUMBUS, OH -- Sherrod Brown and famed actor Michael J. Fox today were joined by doctors, advocates, and affected patients for a rally calling for expanded federal funding of stem cell research. Brown, who was endorsed by the Doctors Organized for Health Care Solutions on Thursday, has worked to expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and the National Institutes of Health as the lead Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. DeWine has taken an extreme position against embryonic stem cell research, and according to his website, “Senator DeWine will oppose any bill that would expand existing policy by allowing the government to pay for studies on embryos in frozen storage at fertility clinics, even if the couples who conceive them certify that they would otherwise discard them.”

“Stem cell research may lead to the most significant medical breakthroughs made possible by science today,” said U.S. Representative Brown. “We must empower scientists to pursue cures that could save millions of Americans without ever letting politics get in the way. Senator DeWine is out-of-the mainstream on stem cell research, opposing members of his own party like Senate Majority Leader Frist and First Lady Reagan.”

Michael J. Fox became a nationally recognized spokesman for expanded stem cell research when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. According to doctors, stem cell research has the promise to cure and treat Parkinson’s, diabetes, paralysis and down the road, diseases like Alzheimer’s. The scientific community recognizes stem cell research as having a unique potential to cure disease:
“Throughout my lifelong pursuit of better health for my patients, there has never been a more promising breakthrough than that of early stem cell research. While this technology is relatively new, the early results hold tremendous promise for relieving human suffering and finding cures for hundreds of thousands of our citizens who are afflicted by debilitating diseases for which we currently have no good answers.”
-- E. Grey Diamond, M.D., Provost, Health Sciences, Emeritus, University of Missouri and former president of the American College of Cardiology.
“We must not let ideology trump science,” added Brown. “We owe it to the families here today to give scientists every dollar they need to discover tomorrow’s cures.”


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