Saturday, October 28, 2006


DeWine dismisses economy, Iraq, levels Blackwell-style attacks that are beneath Ohioans

CLEVELAND, OH -- Incumbent Republican Senator Mike DeWine abandoned the critical issues facing Ohio in the final debate of the campaign and instead leveled Blackwell-style attacks that were base, false, and beneath Ohio voters. Sherrod Brown proved to Ohioans he is ready to lead the state in a new direction, outlining clear plans to create good-paying jobs, reduce costs for middle class families, and to work with military leaders to develop a winning exit strategy from Iraq.

“Senator DeWine owes Ohioans an explanation about why under his watch the state lost 200,000 jobs and costs skyrocketed for middle class families while special interests got billions, but he offered none in today’s debate,” said Ben LaBolt, spokesman for Brown. “Senator DeWine’s Blackwell-style attacks were baseless and beneath Ohioans, and they will only further encourage voters to abandon the Republican Party and vote for change on November 7.”

The more Ohioans have gotten to know Sherrod Brown during this campaign, the more their support for him has increased. Seven in ten Ohioans believe it is time for a new direction in the state.

Today, Brown offered a vision to bring jobs back to Ohio by renegotiating job-killing trade agreements, making Ohio the Silicon Valley of alternative energy, and creating incentives for patriot corporations to create jobs here in Ohio. He called for U.S. military leaders to develop a winning exit strategy that would redeploy troops from Iraq within two years, working with the Iraqis to provide their own security.

“Sherrod Brown proved he is ready to take on the challenges facing Ohio’s next Senator and will lead the state in a new direction that puts middle class families first,” added LaBolt. “Not only did Senator DeWine abandon the issues today, he also sold out his integrity by launching desperate personal attacks created by national Republican operatives to boost his sinking campaign. DeWine embodies what is wrong with our leadership in Washington today.”

Ohioans abandoned DeWine because of his record of supporting special interests instead of middle class families. He accepted millions in contributions from drug and oil companies and corporations that outsourced American jobs, and voted their way in Congress. As DeWine slipped in the polls, he stopped discussing the challenges facing the state and has used smears, distortions, and outright lies to hide his record.

DeWine has a history of using such false attacks. He accused Senator John Glenn, one of Ohio’s heroes who served honorably in Korea, of being a Communist sympathizer. He has been forced to remove two television advertisements from the airwaves this campaign because he distorted footage of the burning Twin Towers, and then lied to Ohio voters so blatantly that 14 stations across the state removed an ad making the same false claim. No wonder the Dayton Daily News called him “Mud-loving Mike DeWine.”


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