Thursday, October 26, 2006

SNP Papers Endorse Shamansky for Congress

Central Ohio’s Suburban News Papers -- local weeklies that reach more than 185,000 households in the 12th district, have endorse Bob Shamansky for the 12th Congressional District.
If you think the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld administration has our nation on the right track in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in North Korea, in Darfur and the world’s other trouble spots, then by all means vote to send Pryce and Tiberi back to Washington. If you think Bush’s trilliondollar deficits and gargantuan appropriations bills are making our economy stronger, vote for Pryce and Tiberi. You’ll get two more years of the same.

If, on the other hand, you believe that it’s time for a change -- time for a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives to rein in the Bush administration’s excesses and check its wrong-headed policies -- then you should join Suburban News Publications in supporting challengers Mary Jo Kilroy in the 15th District and Bob Shamansky in the 12th District.

During the campaign, Kilroy and Shamansky have spoken out firmly and persuasively on the multiple failures of the Bush administration and the need for change.


Although this is Shamansky’s first run for public office in more than 20 years, he still shows a firm grasp of the challenges facing the nation. If Democrats win control of the House on Nov. 7, Shamansky will be a clear, strong voice for change, especially in the Bush administration’s disastrous foreign policies. And since he’s financing his campaign mostly with his own money -- to the tune of more than $1 million, he says -- Shamansky, who previously served one term in Congress in the 1980s, will go back to Washington owing nobody any favors. Because of the crucial issues facing this country today, at home and around the world, the choices in these two races couldn’t be more clear:

A vote for Pryce or Tiberi is a vote for George W. Bush and the status quo.

A vote for Kilroy or Shamansky is a vote for change.

SNP urges voters to support Mary Jo Kilroy in the 15th Congressional District and Bob Shamansky in the 12th Congressional District.


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