Friday, October 20, 2006


“If DeWine and his campaign continue to make such inexcusable mistakes, DeWine will probably soon be referred to as a former senator.” [Plain Dealer 7/21/06]

AMHERST, OH – At least a dozen TV stations across Ohio confirmed yesterday that Republican incumbent Senator Mike DeWine and the Republican Party are lying to Ohio voters. Stations in every media market across the state pulled down an RNC attack ad created for DeWine that makes false claims about Congressman Sherrod Brown’s record.

Despite the state of Ohio, station managers, and newspaper across the state declaring the claims in the ads false, DeWine stood by the ad during Thursday’s debate in Toledo.

Desperate to keep GOP money flowing into his failing campaign, DeWine stunned audience members when he defended his actions by repeating the line that cost former President George Bush, Sr. his presidency.

“Read my lips. The ad is true.”

“Senator DeWine sunk to a new low when he lied to voters during the debate last night," said Joanna Kuebler, spokesperson for Rep. Sherrod Brown. “It is clear that Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman are now running Senator DeWine’s campaign. He abdicated his campaign and abandoned his character.”

According to the Columbus Dispatch today, "the flap over the accuracy of the GOP and DeWine campaign ads" comes “at the behest of national GOP officials, who are nervous that DeWine is losing a seat key to Republican hopes to hold their Senate majority.”

“Unable to run on his record of outsourcing jobs, siding with special interests, and supporting the President no matter the cost to Ohio, Senator DeWine resorted to lies,” Kuebler said. “He failed to stand up to the president in Washington and now he’s failed to stand up to the GOP in his campaign. Ohio voters deserve leadership they can count on, and that leadership is Sherrod Brown”

DeWine has had problems with the integrity of his ads throughout the campaign – and political career – see backup information at the end of the release.

Video of DeWine lying to voters about the accuracy of his ad is available here.

Twelve Ohio stations disagreed with Senator DeWine, and pulled the ad from their airwaves. Those stations are WCPO Cincinnati, WLWT Cincinnati, WKRC Cincinnati, WXIX Cincinnati, WSTR Cincinnati, WSYX Columbus, WTTE Columbus, WCMH Columbus, WKEF Dayton, WRGT Dayton, WHIO Dayton, and WEWS Cleveland.


Even the conservative Sinclair Broadcasting Network, which required affiliate stations to carry the Swift Boat movie in 2004, pulled down the ads because they are false.

According to the Dayton Daily News, "Dean Ditmer, general manager of ABC 22 and Fox 45, both owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, said Thursday his stations pulled the ad because 'everyone deemed it to be inaccurate.'"

The Plain Dealer today said of the ad: "The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, which keeps track of such things, says the claim is false. Keeping it on the air is wrong - a fact that some TV stations recognize. They're doing what the GOP should be doing: getting the ad off the air."

DeWine Campaign Doctored Image of 9/11. “U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine's campaign doctored an image in a televised attack ad to make the World Trade Center appear to be burning, the senator admitted yesterday.” [Toledo Blade 7/20/06]

Plain Dealer: “Tough to Airbrush This One Off.” In an editorial entitled, “Tough to Airbrush This One Off,” the Plain Dealer writes that images of September 11th “are symbols with which one trifles only at great risk. But trifle is just what DeWine's hired advertising company did when it produced - and the senator's campaign approved - a "graphical representation" (his spokesman's words) that showed smoke billowing from the wrong tower…his campaign produced a historically inaccurate portrayal of the transfiguring event of our time.” [Plain Dealer 7/21/06]

DeWine Admits Ad on Bipartisanship Misleading. “In an interview after the ad was released, DeWine acknowledged the tax cuts didn't have significant bipartisan support. "It's true in one out of the three examples…” he said.” [Associated Press 8/25/06]

DeWine Anti-Incumbent Ad Fails to Mention DeWine Is Incumbent. “A Republican TV ad in Ohio tries to deflect the increasing anti-incumbent sentiment from Sen. Mike DeWine... It doesn't mention DeWine, or the fact that he's served eight years in the House and 12 years in the Senate.” [Associated Press 8/29/06]

DeWine Ad Counter to Defense Department Policy. The Army found that “the soldier who appeared in uniform as part of a televised campaign advertisement for Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine was wrong” and his partisan appearance in uniform "is counter to Defense Department directives and army policy." [Stars and Stripes 10/17/06]

DeWine’s Attack “Lacks Context.” “The incumbent senator's rap against the congressman from Avon, made to voters in a campaign commercial, may not be deserved, according to interviews with lawmakers involved at the time, … the criticism sorely lacks context, they say.” [Plain Dealer 7/22/06]

DeWine’s 1992 Attack on John Glenn Ignored the Facts. DeWine’s “TV commercials on Glenn's debt were legitimately criticized for implying that Glenn could just open his wallet and pay up…The debt is technically and legally an obligation of Glenn's defunct presidential committee…The Federal Elections Commission limits to $50,000 the amount a candidate can pump into his own campaign if he accepted federal matching funds….Glenn long ago gave his $50,000.” [Columbus Dispatch 11/10/92]


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