Monday, October 30, 2006

Support Keeps Pouring In

In addition to the overwhelming support Ted has drawn from every corner of the state, his plan to Turnaround Ohio has also been drawing rave reviews from editorial boards across the state. Some examples below:

Akron Beacon Journal, 10/22:
“The Strickland candidacy represents much more than an overdue break from the faltering Republican rule. He appears eager to tackle large problems... he understands what the state must do to move forward.”

Athens Messenger, 10/22:
“We find Democratic candidate Ted Strickland’s candor and integrity to be the perfect medicine following two terms of Bob Taft’s inept and unethical administration... Ted is our choice for Ohio governor.”

Canton Repository, 10/15:
“This is a time when Ohioans need to be invited toward a moderate middle place where the extremes don’t dominate debate and serious people of good will can solve the state’s education, economic and social problems. Strickland is the leader for this effort.”

Chillicothe Gazette, 10/29:
“Ultimately, Strickland better understands the needs of all Ohioans. He’s been involved in many issues -- from the Piketon uranium enrichment plant to the state’s school funding woes to health care ... Ohioans -- particularly those in the Scioto Valley -- will be best served with Strickland as their next governor.”

Cincinnati Post, 10/25:
“The governor’s race is the most important one on the Nov. 7 ballot in Ohio... It should be about experience, qualifications and vision. On this basis, we believe, Strickland is the better choice.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/8:
“The question before Ohioans is, which candidate for Governor is best equipped to carry the state forward without dropping it. The only answer, then, is Ted Strickland.”

Columbus Dispatch, 10/8:
“Ohio’s future will be built one brick at a time and will require all hands. Strickland is best equipped to lead the state forward.”

Dayton Daily News, 10/29:
“Democrat Ted Strickland deserves to be governor not just because he’s been the better gentleman, but also because he’s right about what that job needs to be.”

Dover-New Philadlephia Times-Reporter, 10/15:
“We believe Strickland also offers the best hope for a cure for a dysfunctional statehouse that has been awash in partisanship. He offers a new beginning for a discouraged Ohio. And Lord knows we need a new beginning.”

Elyria Chronicle Telegram, 10/22:
“[Strickland] seems to have a firm grasp on Ohio’s big issues, namely the economy, education and health care, and is sincere in his desire to lead the state somewhere better.”

Fremont News-Messenger, 10/19:
“Strickland speaks with the most passion about [school funding], reconnecting with his rural roots to talk about the stark disparities between suburban and rural districts. He convincingly pledged to work until a solution can be achieved -- going so far as to say that if elected, that his tenure would be a failure if this perplexing issue hasn’t been settled by the end of a first term. That is a far cry from the Republicans, who squandered countless chances to make a difference.”

Lorain Morning Journal, 10/22:
“Strickland may be a minister, a psychologist and a nice guy, but he’s no pushover like Bob Taft. Strickland will push back, hard, if needed[.]”

Newark Advocate, 10/8:
“We need a governor who judges issues on their own merits, not his own political agenda. We need a leader who can work with both parties and all political perspectives. There’s only one man who meets those tests. We endorse Strickland.”

Toledo Blade, 10/8:
“Ohio deserves better, and we believe, with great respect for the wisdom of the electorate, that our state is ready to make a change, and that it has a worthy governor-in-waiting in Ted Strickland.”

Vinton County Courier, 10/25:
“We’re ready for a leader who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and work side-by-side with us to restore the Buckeye State to a place of innovation and prosperity. We believe that leader is Ted Strickland.”
Ted Strickland will soon begin the hard work of turning Ohio around, but without your support, dedication and hard work, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for all that you’ve done, and all that you continue to do.


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