Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sykes Receives Endorsement From Hometown Paper

Citing her strong management skills, independence, and greater grasp of the office, Barbara Sykes was endorsed over Mary Taylor in the race for State Auditor by The Akron Beacon Journal. Both Barbara Sykes and Mary Taylor are from Akron and the much sought after endorsement is a sign that Sykes is running a stronger campaign and is the best candidate to stand up to corrupt politicians.
For Ohio auditor

We recommend the election of Barbara Sykes

The two candidates for Ohio auditor are practically neighbors, Barbara Sykes residing in Akron, Mary Taylor, down Interstate 77 in Green. Both serve in the Ohio House. Truth be told, each has the skills to perform capably in the office, now held by Betty Montgomery who is seeking a return to the attorney general’s post. The auditor has the important task of overseeing the finances of government entities, from state agencies to school districts.

We recommend the election of Barbara Sykes on Nov. 7.

A year ago, the 51-year-old Sykes announced her retirement from political life, citing her wish to pursue different avenues of public service. Then, a few months later, she jumped into the auditor’s race, in part, because the Democratic Party wanted an African-American on its ticket. Has Sykes been a candidate merely going through the motions? Hardly. She has brought much passion and energy to the race.

One element that distinguishes Sykes is her experience. She has served on the Akron City Council. She held the position of deputy auditor in Summit County for 12 years. She has spent the past six years in the legislature. At all those levels, she has plunged into public finances, most recently as a member of the House budget committee. Listen to her discuss the post she now seeks, and it becomes clear she has a far better grasp of the workings of the auditor’s office and the role it fills in state government. She rightly wants to bring greater transparency to its operations, starting with making the paper trail of audits more fully available as public records.

Another distinguishing element of her candidacy is independence, something essential in an effective auditor. Sykes hasn’t ducked difficult public fights with her own party. Her political backbone and wider experience provide a solid foundation for the management required of the auditor.

Mary Taylor, 40, touts that she is a certified public accountant. That sounds impressive. Ohio has never had an auditor with such a credential. Its relevance? Actually, the job involves management more than anything else. (Her opponent has a master’s degree in public administration).

Striking are Taylor’s intelligence and her professional accomplishments. Yet her public record is comparatively slim, a short stay on the Green City Council and the past four years in the state legislature. More, Taylor has stumbled in this campaign, her team conducting a survey that played, in part, to her opponent’s race. She acted carelessly a year ago in urging her colleagues to support a building project at the University of Akron because big Republican contributors favored the effort. Such an approach inspires little confidence in a candidate for auditor. Barbara Sykes offers the better choice.


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