Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two Strikes for Gillmor!

Bowling Green, OH – On Monday, October 23rd, nine-term Republican Congressman and 30-year career politician Paul Gillmor began airing a second attack ad against his opponent for the Fifth Congressional District, Robin Weirauch. The ad, which was first seen on WTOL Channel 11 Toledo (CBS), falsely accuses Weirauch of being “undecided” on flag desecration.

“Voters are ready for real change in Washington and that change begins at home with a new Representative for the Fifth District,” stated Robin Weirauch, Democratic candidate for the Fifth Congressional District. “Fifth district residents are finally seeing the real Paul Gillmor – a career politician who will say anything to save his job, but won’t do anything to save your’s.”

Congressman Gillmor’s first ad, which claimed to tout his accomplishments, began with the false claim that Robin Weirauch has no experience creating jobs. He offers no proof in the ad. Weirauch has worked as the Assistant Director of the Center for Regional Development at Bowling GreenState University. The center provides economic and community development research and assistance to communities in 27 counties across northernOhio. She has been at the center since 1998.

“I was truly blessed to work as a regional development director at BGSU,” said Weirauch. “It was my job to help businesses grow and Ohioans find good-paying jobs right here in Northwest Ohio.”

The latest dirty attack ad from Gillmor claims that Robin Weirauch is undecided on flag desecration. Again, Gillmor offers no evidence to back up his false claims. Weirauch has stated that, like Gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland, she supports strong protections for our American flag.

“After 9/11, every American stood united against al-Qaeda. We must stand united again – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – to build a stronger America,” said Weirauch. “It’s so unfortunate to see a career politician like Paul Gillmor use patriotism to divide us, rather than bring us together again.”


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