Thursday, October 26, 2006

Update From Dick Chema

Chema Conducts Virtual Town Hall
Congressional candidate Richard Chema addressed voters of the Third District last night in a live “Virtual Town Hall” Conference Call. The Virtual Town Hall was an innovative use of technology and allowed participants to hear Dick’s views and weigh in with some opinions of their own. At 7pm, thousands of voters were contacted via phone and invited into the town hall, which started minutes later. Chema spoke for almost 20 minutes on the issues of Iraq, the War on Terror, Health Care, Economy, and Education.

To hear the entire recorded “Virtual Town Hall,” click below.

Segment One
Segment Two


Your contribution will help us take the fight to Mike Turner this fall.


“Talk, Walk & Wave” Volunteer Update
About the Talk, Walk & Wave effort.

Wednesday-Sunday Lit Drops and Phone Banks

Lit Drop shifts are from 10am-7pm (Sunday start at noon)

Phone Banks are from 10am-8pm (stop in anytime - Sunday start at noon)

Meet us at the Campaign Headquarters - 200 Brown St. in the Oregon District.

Join us and make it happen! To volunteer for any of these activities, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Alexis Chema at or call HQ at 937.223.5460.

See you talking, walking and waving!


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