Thursday, October 26, 2006

Warren Tribune endorses Marc Dann for Attorney General

Today The Warren Tribune joined two other major newspapers in Ohio by endorsing Democratic State Senator Marc Dann for Ohio Attorney General. The Warren Tribune joins the Youngstown Vindicator and the Toledo Blade in supporting Senator Dann and his efforts to rid state government of the corruption, which has plagued Ohio under Republican rule.

“Today’s endorsement shows that people believe I can get the job done as Attorney General,” Senator Dann said. “Ohioans deserve an Attorney General that won’t play politics with the office and will work hard to rid state government of corruption. I will be that Attorney General.”

In its endorsement editorial The Warren Tribune said:

“Dann’s tenacity advanced the probe into the Tom Noe state Bureau of Workers’ Compensation scandal. Dann’s audacity dogged Governor Bob Taft until many details about his criminal behavior became public. Dann is the bulldog we want as Ohio’s top law enforcement office.

But we are certain that Dann, too, is an open records advocate. He did, after all, take Taft to the Supreme Court to reveal his administrative notes.

And we are certain that Dann, too, hates Internet predators and pedophiles.

A Montgomery commercial hinting otherwise was an absurd attack…

While Dann haunted Noe, Montgomery allowed the scandal to escape her auditor’s magnifying glass. While Dann surpassed his scope as senator in flushing out BWC corruption, Montgomery, as the former Attorney General, failed to prevent it.”

“It is long past the time to end the ‘pay to play’ system that is costing Ohioans millions of dollars,” Senator Dann said. “The Tribune endorsement is correct, I will continue to be the corruption fighter that this state desperately needs. Ohio’s three newspapers who have followed my career and Betty Montgomery’s career agree I’m the best choice for Ohio Attorney General.”


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