Thursday, October 26, 2006

Weirauch Within Striking Distance of Gillmor: Polling on the Fifth District

Bowling Green, OH -- In the first publicly-released poll for the Fifth Congressional District race, 9-term incumbent and 30-year career politician Paul Gillmor barely breaks 50% support. Congressional challenger Robin Weirauch garnered 42% of the vote. Approximately 8% of respondents were undecided just two weeks before the election.

The poll was conducted by re:organize, a respected Ohio-based political consulting firm. The phone poll of 400 likely voters was conducted October 19th-22nd and has a margin of error of +/-4.9%, with a 95% confidence level. The polling was conducted after weeks of negative ads and mailings from Paul Gillmor’s re-election campaign.

“This poll proves what I’ve said all along -- this race is going to be close and I’m going to win,” said Robin Weirauch, Democratic candidate for the Fifth Congressional District in Ohio.

Key findings from the poll are as follows:

-- Paul Gillmor leads the race with just 50.67% vs. 42.09% for Robin Weirauch -- dangerous territory for any incumbent, especially a 9-term legislator.
-- Of those who were truly undecided -- 7.24% of the respondents -- Weirauch leads Gillmor more than 2-to-1.
-- Democrats were 42.99% more enthusiastic about voting this year, versus 22.05% more enthusiasm among Republicans.
-- Perception of Paul Gillmor’s service in the district was mixed for a long-term incumbent. A full 20.32% of respondents could not rate his performance and 31.82% rated him as “out of touch.”

The polling report is available for download at


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