Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wulsin: I Won’t Hide From C-SPAN

Cincinnati, OH -- Demoralized by You Deserve Better, the new Wulsin ad that starkly reminds voters how Jean Schmidt embarrassed them on the floor of the US House, the Jean Schmidt campaign yesterday released a letter urging Victoria Wulsin to take her ad down.

In her letter, Schmidt said, “The use of footage from official proceedings of the House of Representatives is forbidden in political ads. I was disappointed to see that you decided to flout the rules.”

In fact, House rules only apply to sitting Members of Congress and this one was created to prevent Representatives from grandstanding and staging campaign commercials on the House floor. The assumption was that Members of Congress would want their speeches to get more play. Jean Schmidt violated House rules when she attacked Congressman Murtha by name and called him a coward. House rules also prohibit pots from calling porcelain teakettles black.

Stunned that a Member of Congress would want to prevent coverage of herself on the floor from being re-aired, Wulsin said, “If the voters of the 2nd District send me to Congress, I will never hide from C-SPAN. I will speak respectfully and forcefully on behalf of my constituents and would be honored whenever anyone chooses to replay my floor speeches. Jean’s fear of her own footage should be a serious concern for Ohioans who want to be represented by someone who makes them proud.”

In her letter, Jean Schmidt also told Wulsin that said “I am saddened by these recent developments and your unwillingness to make this campaign about issues rather than personal attacks, name calling, and blatant cheap shots.”

Victoria Wulsin challenged Jean Schmidt to seven debates -- one in each of the district’s counties -- but Schmidt would not make time to discuss the issues, accepting only one 22-minute debate. Unable to point to a single accomplishment during her year in office, Schmidt’s first campaign advertisement was a cartoonish assault on Wulsin that did not mention the incumbent.

On a related note, in a press release issued yesterday, the Schmidt campaign wrote that “Dr. Vicky either doesn’t realize that she’s broken a promise, or is intentionally misleading voters.”

In fact, on April 27 of this year, the Ohio Elections Commission voted 7-0 to reprimand Jean Schmidt for “reckless disregard of the truth.” Ahem.


Blogger NoFanOfJean said...

Football fans, Jean Schmidt should be penalized 15 years for un-Portmanlike conduct. Un-Portmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to:

Calling Murtha a coward (Portman did not resort to name calling)

Lying on your resume since 1989


Claiming false endorsements

Spreading lies about your opponents

Ducking debates

Being all talk and no action with the styrene leak

Coordinating a smear campaign against your opponent with the Enquirer

Advocating doing business with Fidel Castro, then taking money from anti-Castro interests

Discussing your newlywed daughter’s sex life in a public forum

Just to name a few things....

8:15 PM  

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