Sunday, October 22, 2006

You Did It -- We're Winning!

Dear Friends:

Your response has been incredible. Voting just started yesterday and we are already ahead in the “Pick a Progressive Patriot” Contest. See for yourself:

Bowen - 15.70%

Brunner - 40.14%

Buckner - 4.40%

Gordon - 6.81%

Herrera - 1.28%

Mauro - 5.02%

Miller - 1.57%

Ritchie - 21.20%

Sabaugh - 3.89%

But, we still need many more votes to win the contest! If you haven’t already, vote right now. Then, send this to 10 people right now. If you already sent this to 10 people, send this to 10 more people. Tell them that just by clicking a button, they can be part of restoring trust to Ohio’s elections (and help Jennifer Brunner win $10,000).

We have just over two weeks until the election. You are making a difference. With your continued help we will win this contest. With your continued help we will win on November 7th.

Thank you for your support.

The Jennifer Brunner Committee


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