Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Youngstown Vindicator Endorses Marc Dann for AG

The two major Ohio newspapers that have been covering the candidates for attorney general throughout their respective careers have both endorsed Democratic State Senator Marc Dann for the critically important office. The Youngstown Vindicator announced their position in an editorial that ran in today’s edition. The Toledo Blade published their endorsement on October 15.

“I am pleased that the editors of the papers who know me and my opponent best recognize that it is time to clean up the corruption that is poisoning state government and that I am the only candidate for attorney general who can get the job done,” Senator Dann said when he learned of the Vindicator endorsement.

In its endorsement editorial The Vindicator said:
“As the criminal trial of Ohio Republican Party mover and shaker Tom Noe unfolds, we're confident of one thing: There will be no evidence tying Marc Dann, the Democratic nominee for state attorney general, to Noe.

We can't say the same about Betty Montgomery, the Republican nominee for attorney general. Montgomery, currently state auditor and a former attorney general, has acknowledged a long-standing friendship with the man who hobnobbed with President Bush, Gov. Bob Taft and other high-ranking Republicans on the national and state levels.

Given that Noe’s trial will run through the Nov. 7 general election, and given that the rare coin dealer is expected to take the stand and say that his investment contract was common knowledge among Republicans, this question looms: Could Montgomery be implicated in any way?

Our inability to respond with an unequivocal "no" leads us to the conclusion that an endorsement of Montgomery would be too risky.

... we have been impressed by his commitment to not only get to the bottom of the investment scam, but to expose the pay-to-play culture that has marked state government under the Republicans.”
"Like the Blade, the Vindicator understands that Ohio cannot move forward if we are burdened with the corruption and scandals that are now synonymous with the Republican Party,” Senator Dann said. “Betty Montgomery and Ken Blackwell are the remaining vestiges of the pay-to-pay system that levies a billion dollar a year corruption tax on the people of this state. Both the Blade and the Vindicator know it’s time for them to go.”

In its editorial The Blade, which received a Pulitzer Prize nomination for its coverage of Coingate and has been writing about Montgomery for nearly three decades, noted that “Ohio needs a watchdog, not a partisan lapdog, as attorney general, which is why we emphatically endorse state Sen. Marc Dann for the post in the Nov. 7 election.

After The Blade exposed corruption in the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation in 2005, a scandal that spread to Gov. Bob Taft’s office, Senator Dann, a Democrat from the Youngstown area, was among few legislators in the Republican-controlled General Assembly to speak out forcefully to further uncover what would become known as “Coingate.”

Senator Dann’s Republican opponent, Betty Montgomery, wants her old job as attorney general back, but she doesn’t deserve it. As the incumbent state auditor, and before that as attorney general, it was her job to blow the whistle on Tom Noe’s rare-coin investment deal as soon as she learned of it, but she did not.”

“Both of the papers who know us best know this: I acted immediately when I learned that the taxpayers were being ripped off by a politically connected scam artist who has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the very officeholders who were supposed to make sure we weren’t scammed,” Senator Dann said.

“Betty Montgomery, by her own admission, is guilty of doing nothing. At the end of the day that is what this race is all about and it is why I will win.”


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