Friday, November 03, 2006

An Important Message From Frances Strickland

Dear Friends,

I cannot wait until Jennifer Brunner is our Secretary of State.

Protecting our right to vote is central to keeping our democracy strong. And I know that Jennifer Brunner is the right person for this job.

It was 36 years ago when the first Democratic female candidate was elected to statewide office in Ohio. In 2006 we have the opportunity to make history once again. It took hard work then and it will take hard work now. In order to turn around Ohio, Jennifer Brunner should be elected Ohio’s first woman Secretary of State this November.

Jennifer Brunner entered the race for Secretary of State in an effort to bring about a fundamental change in the way elections are run in Ohio. It’s time for a Secretary of State who is experienced and committed to a fair process and who encourages people to make their voice heard in our elections. I believe that Jennifer’s message of fair, reliable and trustworthy elections will resonate with folks all over Ohio.

We have just days left before voters head to the polls, and we must make every moment count. In order to win this election, a substantial number of independent women must vote and support one of our greatest candidates -- Jennifer Brunner! We are asking women all across Ohio to join in this effort.

Jennifer offers leadership that is based on experience, knowledge, and dedication and she has consistently proved that she believes in responsibility and accountability in the Secretary of State’s office.

Jennifer has run an exceptional campaign by:
-- Consistently polling ahead of her opponent,
-- Receiving ALL the major newspaper endorsements of the state,
-- Receiving countless endorsements from key organizations, and
-- Continuously reaching out to ALL Ohio citizens.

Please join us in our efforts to make positive change in Ohio. There are several ways that you can help elect Jennifer Brunner the first female Ohio Secretary of State with the click of a button on
-- Contribute. All donations, big or small, help the campaign work to change Ohio.
-- Join our team. If you have 10 hours, 10 minutes, or just a yard to put a sign in, we need volunteers!
-- Tell your friends. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers about Jennifer Brunner. The Women for Brunner page can help you send emails quickly and easily.

A positive appeal delivered by you to concerned female voters can -- and will -- make the difference this year. There are only a few days left until victory -- please act now!

Frances Strickland


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