Thursday, November 02, 2006


Columbus -- Noting that Franklin County Treasurer Richard Cordray “has the chops the get it done,” the Mansfield News-Journal endorsed Cordray for state treasurer earlier this week.

The editorial stated that Cordray’s record as Franklin County treasurer clinched their endorsement: “record-breaking tax collection, a public portfolio that outpaced the market by half, education programs that teach citizens how to manage money, foreclosure prevention and intervention that helps connect individuals in danger of losing homes with resources that can improve their lives, and a county land bank program that resolves tax and title issues on properties and makes blighted property available for redevelopment.

“Cordray has put his liberal education, logical analysis and drive to make a difference to the task of solving problems, protecting the public purse and exhancing the common good.

“In short, he grasps a state treasurer can do much more to serve taxpayers than invest safely. That’s the kind of candidate we are eager to get behind.”

The Bowling Green Daily Sentinel-Tribune also recently endorsed Cordray, writing that he is the logical choice for state treasurer.

“Richard Cordray has distinguished himself as treasurer of the rapidly-growing Franklin County, leading that county to achieving the highest bond rating in the state while collecting more than $55 million in delinquent taxes in four years.

“His office’s investment portfolio outperformed the market by 154 percent. And he created a program to help low-income elderly residents remain in their homes.”

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