Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mark Dansack Stands for Change in Ohio, Mark Wagoner protects the status quo.

Beginning October 31, Mark Dansack will be recapping the reasons why residents of District 46 will be better served by electing him as a voice for positive change in Ohio rather than his opponent, who embraces the present “pay to play” dynamics now running rampant in Columbus.

Reason #2, Taxes

This one is easy. Taxes. Mark Wagoner supported House Bill 66, signed into law by our ever popular governor, Bob Taft, which actually increased the level of taxation on middle class taxpayers in Ohio. In fact, depending on which statistics are utilized, Ohioans now bear either the second or third highest tax burden in our nation after 16 years of Republican Party (read: one-party) rule.

As part of this act, the state sales tax was permanently increased from 5.0 % to 5.5 % and a new tax was created on businesses in Ohio, the Commercial Activities Tax (CAT). This measure represents a tax on the gross receipts of a business, including your local grocer.

The net effect of this CAT is that Ohioans are paying a tax on their groceries for the first time since the Great Depression. This tax (which you won’t see on the price tags) , along with the permanent increase in the sales tax, represents a regressive tax that hits lower and middle income taxpayers the hardest as they spend a greater percentage of their take home pay on these consumer goods than do the very wealthy. How’s that for progress from these so-called fiscal conservatives who have been running our state (into the ground)?

“I am on record for looking for ways to reduce property taxes in Ohio with regard to funding of our public schools in Ohio. I also advocate better oversight of state agencies to eliminate what I call the “corruption tax” we have seen in Ohio. By eliminating the waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars such as we have seen in the Bureau of Workers Compensation and eliminating expensive corporate tax breaks, we can free up funds to funnel towards pre-K, primary, secondary, and higher education in Ohio and make education the priority which it hasn’t been under the past few administrations. I also advocate the repeal of the CAT in Ohio as its provisions unnecessarily hamper business in Ohio, particularly small businesses which are the job incubators of the future”.

“My opponent: Satisfied with the “business as usual approach” in state government, lacking the leadership to propose solutions or alternatives for fear of losing a vote or two”.

“My opponent has been very vocal about taxes in this election, but he simply hasn’t been telling the truth. His tax relief helps the very wealthy at the expense of the middle class and I’ll lead the fight for ordinary hard working men and women in District 46 who are sick of special interest groups reaping the rewards of a corrupt, ineffective state government”.


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