Thursday, November 02, 2006

Michael J Fox Stumps for Brown

One of the clearest differences between Mike DeWine and Sherrod Brown is on the issue of stem cell research.

Sherrod Brown is on the side of doctors, patients, and families who believe we must lift federal restrictions on potentially life-saving stem cell research.

Mike DeWine is on the side of a small minority of right-wing conservatives, who would deny a possible cure to millions of Americans who suffer major medical conditions.

Actor and medical research advocate Michael J. Fox joined patients, doctors, and supporters in Columbus on Monday to call for federal funding of stem cell research and to show their support for Sherrod’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Click here to watch video highlights from Monday’s event.

There’s less than one week until Election Day. Please consider making a final contribution before November 7.

The stakes in this race are high as evidenced by Michael J. Fox’s appearance.

Your support can still make a difference as we sprint towards the finish line.

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Blogger freckles071 said...

Using Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood, Scientists Grow World's First, Complete, Artificial Liver
Researchers call the breakthrough a "Eureka moment."

Fiona MacRae/TN (Nov 1st, 2006)

The Daily Mail reports that British scientists have grown the world's first artificial liver from stem cells in a breakthrough "that will one day provide entire organs for transplant."

Described as a 'Eureka moment' by the Newcastle University researchers, the report states that the tissue was created from blood taken from babies' umbilical cords just a few minutes after birth.

Within five years, writes reporter Fiona MacRae, pieces of artificial tissue could be used to repair livers damaged by injury, disease, alcohol abuse 15 years' time, entire liver transplants could take place using organs grown in a lab.

Source: The Daily Mail

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