Thursday, November 02, 2006

Montgomery ad named one of the worst by Dispatch columnist

Columbus -- Today Columbus Dispatch columnist Ann Fisher named Betty Montgomery’s attack ad on Attorney General candidate Marc Dann one of the “worst of the worst ads from print, radio and television.”

Today’s article entitled the “5 worst ads reach new low in politics,” highlights an attack ad in which Montgomery calls Dann a hypocrite for representing a client. Fisher reminds readers that Montgomery once called these types of ads the “worst type of gutter politics.” Fisher goes on to say that in 1994 Montgomery complained about an ad, which “hammered Montgomery the challenger, because, as Wood County prosecutor, she had negotiated pleas with more than 30 rapists and child molesters.”

Along with columnist Fisher, Republican Judge R. Scott Krichbaum, the presiding judge during the case called into question by Montgomery’s attack ad, told the Youngstown Vindicator, “Attack ads on people who represent criminal defendants are done in poor taste and misrepresent what the justice system is all about.” In the article, Judge Krichbaum went on to say, “When a campaign tries to degenerate an attorney for a duty performed, it should be frowned upon. It’s not what the system is about. Criminal defense attorneys stand up for the constitutional rights of individuals.”

Also this week, the Ohio State Bar Association, according to the Columbus Dispatch, “called on political candidates to refrain from attacking lawyers for taking on unpopular cases or clients. The association noted that the American judicial system guarantees legal representation.”


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