Thursday, November 02, 2006

Petro condemns attack ads against Attorneys

Columbus -- Today during a press gaggle, Attorney General Jim Petro condemned candidates who use attack ads in which attorneys are cast in a bad light for clients they have represented. Petro joins the Ohio State Bar Association, Republican Judge R. Scott Krichbaum and others in condemning candidates who use these negative attacks on attorneys.

When asked about the negative ads being used, Petro said, “I think the Bar Association properly points out that lawyers don’t always get to choose their client. I mean, there are times in my career- 33 years now as of...but there are times when the courts basically said to me ‘look, we want you to defend this guy. He’s a bad guy, but somebody needs to defend him’. What a lawyer does in defense of a client should not become a negative issue in a political campaign.”


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