Thursday, November 02, 2006


Longtime Veterans Advocate Steny Hoyer and Iraq War Veteran John Boccieri Join Space in Town Hall Meeting at Zanesville VFW

ZANESVILLE -- In an effort to share with local veterans how critical next Tuesday’s elections are for the future of veterans legislation, Congressional Candidate Zack Space, long-time veterans advocate Congressman Steny Hoyer, and State Representative and Iraq War veteran John Boccieri met with local veterans at the Zanesville VFW today.

State Representative and Air Force Reserve C-130 pilot John Boccieri said, “Ohio ranks 48th in terms of money that comes back to our veterans -- especially those that are disabled. Zack Space will be a strong voice in Congress who will work to ensure that that those who have served and who are currently serving have all the resources they need from a very a grateful country.”

Space said that making veterans health care affordable and accessible would be a top priority. He also told veterans that, if elected, he would join congressional efforts to make veterans health care mandatory and index veterans health care to the cost-of-living index. Currently, veterans health care funding is discretionary and is therefore subject to potential budget cuts.

“Our veterans built the foundation of America’s freedom -- they have been willing to sacrifice so much to preserve our values and our way of life. Without question, we have a moral obligation to make sure they receive the health care and benefits they earned while serving our country,” said Zack Space.

“Zack Space has a long history of serving his community and he will continue to do so in Washington. Veterans of the 18th district need leadership like Zack Space in Congress because he will be a strong advocate for Veterans and their families,” said Congressman Steny Hoyer.

Space also promised to join efforts to eliminate the unfair veterans tax. Currently, for every dollar given in tax-free VA compensation for disability or injury that was combat-related or service connected, a dollar in retirement pay is deducted.


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