Friday, November 03, 2006

Voting Protecters Needed in OH-02

Dear White Knight Bloggers,

I know you are getting many appeals for volunteering on election day. But this is a special request for a certain type of assistance we NEED on election day.

We are recruiting Election Protection Observers on an immediate basis for the upcoming Congressional election in Southwest Ohio. The State Democratic Party of Ohio has not recruited or placed Election Observers in any of the extremely Republican counties because of traditional strategy, ignoring repeated reports of obfuscation and irregularities in the vote-counting procedures in 2004 and the 2005 special election.

We, a bipartisan board of legal advisors dedicated to fairness, have come together over grave concerns over the loss of faith in the integrity of our electoral system. Partisan groups have often focused their efforts on urban areas and so called “base precincts”. We want to guarantee fairness and openness in all precincts, especially in the ex-urban and rural counties where most Americans live and vote.

We will keep special watch over the elections in Warren and Clermont counties, which have had significant reports of problems and lack of visibility in recent elections. We will not turn a blind eye to voter suppression on the part of either campaign, Democratic or Republican, and we will make sure that every ballot box is tracked and remains untampered.

We need volunteers to be registered observers (the only qualification is a registered voter in the state of Ohio), people to stand-by giving advice on election day, and assistance in filings before that day. Can you help us?

Please contact the election protection office at Wulsin for Congress and help us out! Or go to and select “Voting Protection Observer”.

Tony Vila
Voter Protection Coordinator


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