Thursday, November 02, 2006


Chabot-Schmidt proposals would fast-track nuclear dump in Ohio

Cincinnati, OH -- At an 11:00 AM press conference today at the Hamilton County Democratic Party Headquarters, Democratic congressional candidates John Cranley and Dr. Victoria Wulsin will challenge proposals offered by Republicans Steve Chabot and Jean Schmidt that threaten Ohio neighborhoods. The Republican initiatives when paired together, would give energy companies unprecedented leverage to ship radioactive materials on Ohio highways and locate nuclear waste facilities in the towns and communities of southern Ohio.

WHO: Democratic Congressional Candidates John Cranley and Dr. Vic Wulsin
WHAT: Press conference to Challenge Chabot-Schmidt Initiatives that Threaten Ohio Communties
WHEN: 11:00 AM, Wednesday, November 1
WHERE: Hamilton County Democratic Party Headquarters
6109 Webbland Place, Cincinnati

Chabot introduced legislation recently that would take power away from local elected officials and zoning boards to make decisions about how their communities are developed, and put it in the hands of the federal courts. This sweet-heart deal for wealthy developers encourages lawsuits against local communities and discourages valuable community protections.

The potential dangers of this type of radical legislation were crystallized on Monday when the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Schmidt is supporting an effort to store nuclear waste shipments from around the world at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in southern Ohio. Such a plan would not only bring nuclear waste to Portsmouth, but would put the radioactive material on roads, bridges and highways across Ohio threatening the health and safety of communities. With the broad leverage given by the Chabot bill to developers, this kind of radioactive dump could be put on the fast and easy track for placement in any town in Ohio.


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